Bleckmann opens a new fulfilment centre at Suffolk Park in Bury St. Edmunds. It's Bleckmann's  fifth distribution centre in the United Kingdom. This sustainable new facility, with a clear height of  twelve metres, offers a floor capacity of 32,000 square meters with further potential to expand. 

Bleckmann is an expert in Supply Chain Management solutions for fashion, lifestyle and consumer  electronics brands. Since a few years Bleckmann has been dynamically expanding its UK based  operations supporting growth ambitions of its clients.  

Opening of the new fulfilment centre in Suffolk Park, in the East of England, was the logical step  that will allow Bleckmann to run end-to-end operations for new (international) clients within their  B2B and B2C channels in the UK, the continental Europe and beyond. The first outbound operations  will go live in the first week of May. 

Reinardt van Oel, Chief Operation Officer Belgium & United Kingdom at Bleckmann: "Bury St  Edmunds is a great new location for our fast-growing Bleckmann UK organisation. We are thrilled  that this brand new fulfilment centre also contributes to the sustainable vision of Bleckmann. Within  a few weeks, our fifth DC in the UK is ready to service 24/7 its first client." 

The building has 20 dock doors and will be equipped with modern automation solutions.  The new fulfilment facility is totally in line with the commitment of Bleckmann to run their business  sustainably and responsibly. The roof's solar panels supply green electricity to the site, with free  electric vehicle charging. Additionally, 400 trees and 650 shrubs have been planted around the area.  

The opening of this facility will allow Bleckmann to create up to 200 jobs once fully operational. As  the number of clients and operations increases, we expect this number to grow. 

Close proximity to the UK's largest container port 

The new warehouse building is located within 1 hour of Felixstowe, the UK's largest container port.  The direct links straight on the A14 that runs from Felixstowe to the Midlands ensure optimal central  UK road connection. 

Mark van Onna, Director Real Estate by Bleckmann: “With timing being essence in this project, it was  fantastic that both The Weerts Group and Bleckmann partnered up in this project to ensure it all was  achieved and delivered on time to support the ongoing growth of UK footprint.”

Pascal Weerts, CEO Weerts Group: “The 80,000 sqm logistics warehouse park in Bury St. Edmunds  was the first development of Weerts Logistics Parks (WLP) in the United Kingdom. We are excited to  team up with Bleckmann for this project, especially since we see a lot of growth potential in the  relation across Europe.”