Weerts Group and the Port Autonome of Charleroi join forces

Together with the Port of Charleroi, Weerts Group will develop a state-of-the-art warehouse complex on a plot of land of about 180,000 m². The AMS South site, located in Marchienne-au-Pont, is a prime location and Weerts Group is delighted to participate in the conversion of a former industrial site which, thanks to its proximity to the city centre of Charleroi, could be used as a hub for city logistics, especially in the agri-food sector.

Sustainability and multimodality: the alliance of water, rail and road

For Weerts Group sustainability and multimodality go hand in hand. In this respect the site offers exceptional opportunities for alternative modes of transport. The occupants will have direct access to the Sambre river via a new 220m long quay, allowing inland vessels to load and unload from ship to quay. In addition a new bridge will provide direct access to the R3 ring road without causing any nuisance to residential areas nearby.

This project fits perfectly within the long-term vision and ambitions of the Weerts Group regarding the development of sustainable multimodal hubs. The new complex will meet strict sustainability standards, Weerts Group will go for nothing less than a BREEAM 'Excellent' or higher certificate.  

As a consequence all buildings will be designed with a view to optimise and improve energy performance to an absolute maximum. The environmental impact of all materials used during construction will be analysed through a life cycle analysis encompassing extraction and processing of the raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, use, recycling and final disposal. The entire roof surface will be equipped with solar panels to supply electricity. Weerts Group will also invest in charging stations for EV’s.

Start of construction and marketing

The construction works should start as soon as the planning permission is obtained, probably in the course of Q1 2023.

Weerts Group's major investment in the area of Charleroi will strengthen its Belgian and European position in the field of advanced logistics and real estate development, while generating a maximum number of jobs for both white and blue collars.  

The marketing of the project is in full swing and various discussions are underway with several interested national and international players. The flexibility offered by land, water and rail access (in direct vicinity) are decisive elements for the future occupants.


"With direct access to the waterway for the transport of goods, this project is fully in line with the future strategy of our Group. Together with the Port Autonome de Charleroi, we intend to promote the opportunities within the port and to further develop the logistic activities in Charleroi as we do at the Trilogiport site in Liège."

Pascal Weerts, CEO of Weerts Group